Why Formation CRM is the right choice for you.

Formation CRM is a customer relationship management platform built specifically to manage worker entitlement schemes in Australia.

Formation Technology is the trusted market leader in the provision of turn key solutions for worker entitlement schemes. No matter how broad or narrow your scope, Formation CRM will help you efficiently administer your worker entitlement scheme.

Formation CRM is perfect for entites, schemes and funds that manage:

Portable Long Service Schemes
Portable Sick Leave Payments
Employment Termination payments
Redundancy Payments
Insurance Premiums
Training Levies
Professional Body Membership Fees
Superannuation Contributions

Why choose Formation CRM?

A tailored solution. We are more than just a CRM. We’re a tailored worker entitlements platform. That makes us the right fit for your day to day business operations. No more lengthy work-arounds using genericised functions.

Industry expertise. We know worker entitlements. It’s what we do. With Formation Technology, you get a team that speaks your language. Our team are experienced in understanding and delivering on the unique requirements set out in your guiding policies, legislation and trust deeds.

Migration & data cleansing. We have experience in migrating worker entitlement schemes into Formation CRM and know the common pitfalls. We will own the process of migrating your data to get you up and running quickly.

Customer focussed solution. Our platform will enable you to provide a consistent and high level of customer service. User our existing workflow processes or engage us to build custom workflow, to deliver real-time straight-through processing and automation.

Integrate. Combine your line of business applications, accounting, reporting, mail and document management, for a complete business solution.

Future-proofed. We are committed to innovation and delivering on our Product Roadmap. With Formation CRM you will receive perpetual updates as we help you grow and evolve with emerging technologies and features.

Employers and Workers

A platform built for Employers, Workers, Payers and Stakeholders.

Formation CRM supports a variety of account types, but most importantly, we are tailor-made for capturing employers, workers, and their relationships

Onboarding. Employers, Workers and/or Payers can register online using our intuitive online application forms. Responsive design ensures your constituents can register any time, on any device. Registrations can be built with customised workflow and approval processes.

Australian Business Register integration. Formation CRM provides a facility to validate an ABN against the Australian Business Register, and can import their business name, trading name, organisation type, ABN and ACN.

Bulk Registrations. Employers and Workers can be registered in bulk with data matching applied to identify new and duplicate accounts.

Deregistration. Routine deregistration processes can be applied to identify and close dormant accounts.

Digital Accounts. Employers and Workers can manage their own data, complete returns, view contributions, request services and interact with your fund, all using our secure online portals.

Employment History. Employment History is the very essence of worker entitlement funds. Your CRM should recognise this importance and facilitate efficient and rich user experiences for your operators and stakeholders. Designed specifically for managing worker entitlements, the employer-worker relationship is what makes Formation CRM perfectly tailored for your needs.

Formation CRM includes a detailed history of every Worker’s employment with an Employer, including:

  • Start and cease dates of employment
  • Start and cease dates of fund contributions
  • Employment type (e.g. full time, part time, casual) including change over time
  • Worker Type (e.g. Staff, Apprentice, Director, Self-Employed) including change over time
  • Work Type (e.g. category of work undertaken by the individual worker, often used for eligibility or reporting purposes) including change over time
  • Contributions recorded for the Worker by the Employer, such as wages, location of work, leave accrued and taken, and hours, days or weeks worker, during a Return period
  • Industrial agreements and associated contribution rates

Capture employment history and worker entitlement contributions.

Formation CRM facilitates the administration of your worker entitlement fund, through the generation and collection of informational or financial returns from Employers or Workers.

Digital Efficiency. Online returns increases efficiency by minimising time spent on data entry and document archive requirements.

Frictionless customer experience. Returns are fast and simple with our intuitive return editor available in our online portals. Progress is saved automatically meaning data is not lost if the user navigates to another page or closes their browser. Data is available immediately in the Back Office, allowing real-time customer support to be provided. Large companies will love the ability to complete their returns by importing external (e.g. payroll) data through a spreadsheet upload tool.

Maximise self-service. Subject to your configuration, users can provide corrections or fix an oversight without operator intervention, with all the necessary adjustments to invoices, credit notes and financial transaction history.

Reduce arrears processing. Formation CRM supports common inbound payment types such as B-Pay, Off-System BSB, Direct Debit, EFT and Credit Cards (through PCI compliant tools). Inbound payments can be imported by an operator or configured to be automatically imported on a scheduled basis. Automatic reconciliation of payments to invoices minimises operator intervention. You can also reduce collection times with our integrated return and invoice reminder process, and automated interest and penalties features.

Return Cycles. Returns can be generated for a variety of cycles, such as monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually. Return cycles can be customised to integrate with employer’s payroll periods. Ad hoc return periods with 100% customisable date ranges are also supported.

Levies. Returns can give rise to obligations, such as levies, on the employer, worker or third party. Levies may be a set amount or may be calculated using information inputs on the return, such as a percentage of payroll or wages.

Return Contributions. Formation CRM allows you to customise your return types to capture the information and contributions you need. Returns can capture all your key employment information such as:

  • Workers that were employed during a specific period
  • Details of new worker commencement or termination
  • Employment details for workers, e.g. wages, hours or days worked during the period, site or location worked
  • Details of leave taken during the period
  • Payment methods for worker wages, e.g. JobKeeper, WorkCover
  • Training undertaken during the period
Formation CRM has additional options for prepopulating return data, such as salary or days worked, which can save employer’s time from entering similar details on each return. For example, days worked can be based on the working (or calendar) days during the return period, or annual salary can be spread evenly across all returns during the year.

Return integrity. Returns can be configured with in-built validations such as:
  • Worker start or termination dates outside the return period
  • Minimum or maximum daily wages
  • Minimum or maximum hours, days or weeks worked by a member, capped by either working or calendar days
  • Employment information that exceeds certain thresholds
  • Comparison to prior returns with records flagged when they fall outside a tolerance threshold
All validations notify the company of the exact member and provide helpful descriptions of the error. Validation messages can be customised to your preferences. Full audit history of changes to the return are captured and made available in the user interface. An operator can quickly compare any two versions of a return to identify the differences. Where desired, Formation CRM also supports an operator reverting a return to a previous version.

Returns processing. Based on your configurable business rules, a return may be automatically confirmed or may require review from an operator where particular validations are triggered. Examples include:
  • New workers that need to be reviewed
  • Workers added to a return with a start date outside the return period
  • Workers that are terminated with a cease date outside the return period
  • Employment information that exceeds certain thresholds
  • The employer includes a comment with the return.

Employers and Workers
Entitlements and Claims

Streamline the processing of worker entitlements and claims.

Formation CRM accrues Worker balances based on return contributions from Employer or Member Returns. Based on your product configuration, this balance could take the form of an entitlement to take a period of leave, an entitlement to draw down on a balance of funds, or a combination of both.

End-to-end digital integration. Formation CRM takes the stress out of managing worker entitlement payments and company reimbursements with an end-to-end digital solution. Workers and Employers can lodge their claims through our online portals, with your configuration of customisable workflow and straight-through processing available. Automated correspondence notifies the Worker or Employer as their claim progresses through the stages of processing. Integration with your banking and accounting systems closes out the process.

Claim Types. Formation CRM supports multiple claim types, such as long service leave, sick leave, employment termination payments, severance pay and income protection insurance. Each claim type can be customised as to the required inputs, eligibility thresholds, selection of service to be used in the claim, updates to the member’s account upon payment (e.g. set to deregistered), and tailored correspondence records.

PAYG and STP Integration. Formation CRM supports banking integration for both inbound and outbound payment processing. For outbound payments, ABA files can be manually downloaded, or configured to automatically export files and upload to your bank for processing. Additionally, Formation CRM supports outbound cheque payments. Formation CRM is ready for Single Touch Payroll. You can utilise Formation CRM as your STP Sending Service, or integrate with an STP SSP of your choice.

Reciprocity. Where your fund has entered into reciprocal arrangements with similar funds, Formation CRM allows for easy processing of entitlements between funds. You can raise an invoice for payment by the reciprocal fund, or process an outbound reimbursement.

Provide a convenient digital service for your users.

Formation CRM provides a modern digital solution for your fund and its users. Intuitive and attractive self-service portals enhance the administration of worker entitlements by automating many previously manual processes.

Our online portals can be tailored to your fund branding. Portals are fully responsive, with all functions accessible for utilisation on desktop computers, tablets and phones.

Our online portals can be used for:

  • Employer and Worker onboarding
  • Employers managing their workers and Returns
  • Workers managing their Returns and Entitlements
  • Account payers managing their levy obligations
  • Debt agencies managing external arrears processing
  • Unions and employer bodies managing compliance processes

Self Service Portals
Self Service Portals

All your day-to-day operations in a single user interface.

Tasks. Work through your ‘To Do’ list without having to leave Formation CRM. From simple Tasks, through to customised workflow processes, our integrated work processing will boost your productivity. Operators can initiate a task from just about any page within Formation CRM. Our intelligent data model will automatically attribute details to the task based on the page from which it is created, such as the entity (account) or source (e.g. an email, document, return, claim, etc). Tasks are flagged throughout the user interface, meaning no matter where an operator is within an account, they will know if there are open interactions.

Tasks can also be configured to be automatically generated based on activity within Formation CRM. Tasks can be generated with defined titles, due dates, priority and assignee (by role or individual). With automatic tasks, operators can receive instant notification (through their dashboard) of inbound work.

Formation CRM also supports customisable workflow processes. Build your day to day operations into Formation CRM and require work to be transitioned through predefined steps.

Bulk Operations. Scan your database and curate a list of accounts based on chosen criteria. Use these cohorts to generate correspondence, perform system actions such as service capping, or account deregistration, or create a series of tasks.

Documents. Create and manage your Fund’s documentation directly within Formation CRM. Each user account has its own document repository. Operators can upload documents into Formation CRM, or create them directly through the user interface using templates configured for your fund. We can also integrate with an external document store of your choice.

Correspondence engine. Save your operators time by automatically distributing routine correspondence. Formation CRM has an integrated correspondence engine (email, SMS, print and telephony integrations) which means you don’t have to switch between multiple systems in communicating with your stakeholders. Formation CRM also supports data exports for mail merge and distribution to printing houses.

Infrastructure services

Integrations. Formation CRM is your complete software solution with the following integration options:

  • Email Server
  • SMS
  • Telephony
  • Webchat
  • Banking
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • General Ledger
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • ABN validation
  • Address validation
  • Native App API

Data Migration. Formation Technology believes that implementing a successful software solution is dependent on systematic, structured and considered data migration processes. We have undertaken many data cleansing and migration projects for worker entitlement schemes in Australia. While each project will have its unique issues, we have established processes to address data quality, cleansing, mapping and validation and tailor our processes to meet our client’s unique needs. We will take responsibility for migrating your data to ensure you launch onto Formation CRM with clean, accurate, reconciled data.

Hosting. Formation Technology is committed to keeping Worker CRM an open solution. We recognise that organisations value flexibility in integrating their chosen IT systems and will choose vendors that provide options to form these associations using simple, powerful and secure mechanisms. Formation CRM has an established track-record of integrating with different third party vendors in disparate environments. We can provide hosting in our fully-managed cloud based AWS environment, or deploy you in a dedicated standalone environment in either AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Self Service Portals

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